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Kris Lowrey

Founder of Grandma Keto Kitchen.

My journey started when I was diagnosed with high cholesterol, Type 2 Diabetics, Neuropathy and critical heart disease.  

I let my health go too far and it was all related to my weight.

I took charge of ME! I studied solutions and found Keto was my answer. But, oh my!  It was so confusing.  It was also so hard to do it alone.

But I did it.  I've lost almost 100 pounds, my Diabetes is now in remission, went from a 498 cholesterol to 167, got rid of my aches and pains and can now live my life! *

Now I help others lose the weight, get healthy and enjoy their lives like they haven't in years.  

And, you can too!!!**  This journey is truly rewarding and well worth the effort!

The best thing about this program...  We make dieting fun!!!

Come join us.  It will be the best decision you have ever made for yourself.  

Remember, when we take care of ourselves it gives us more opportunities to take care of those we love...

*  No promises are made that everyone can achieve the same results.  All results vary. 

**Results vary from person to person.  No guarantee or promises are made. 

As seen in Woman's World Magazine!  

Meet One Of Our Members

Donna wants to share her story hoping it inspires others.


Never give up. We are worth much more!

Meet Vicki

“I’m 73 years young.  I was tired of feeling old.  So, I did something about it!  I live alone and wasn’t a big fan of cooking.  Now I cook a few meals a week and use those.  It is perfect for me.  The biggest thing though is the support.  I can reach out anytime and get what I need to succeed.  My life has changed so much since I joined this program.  And, I’ve lost 63 pounds!  !  I now go swimming every morning.  Loving the new ME”

Mary is creating a new life!

"Ok Kris....here we go!! You have no idea what an influence you are!! If you recall our conversation about my retaking the Chiropractic board several weeks ago.....well I just registered to take the exam January 16!! There will be 2 exams after that one....but I needed to share with you!! So....this time I am in it to win it!! Proving this journey is about so much more than weight loss....its about regaining LIFE!! Thank you!!"

"This program is one of the first Keto programs I could truly understand and actually make the recipes. It is simple and straight forward and Kris Lowrey calculates the macros already and posts them with the recipe! No guess work or hard to figure out apps. Kris supports and coaches you along the way and is extremely knowledgeable in heart healthy foods and benefits they provide! She has truly made a positive change in how I am now eating, losing weight and making lifestyle changes for better health. I highly recommend this program."

Barb Watkins
Grandma Keto Kitchen Member

"Love this group. EVERYONE is so supportive and kind. Kris is amazing and interacts with everyone, offering amazing support and advice. I have gained an abundance of knowledge since joining this group ❤"

Amy Michelle White Miller
Grandma Keto Kitchen Member

"I’ve learned so much since joining Grandma Keto Kitchen. Kris is so helpful and always has a listening ear. If she isn’t sure of something, she investigates and finds the answers you need. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Like family!"

Diane Fehr-Williamson
Grandma Keto Kitchen Member

"I’ve been with Grandma Keto a little over a month now and I can’t say how happy I am to be here . Kris is always so encouraging and helpful . She always takes time to answer any questions I have (and I know I ask a ton of questions ) her meal plans are super delicious and easy to cook. Which makes eating a keto lifestyle so easy, thanks Kris for this group and for caring so much about helping each member reach their goals."

Davette Jordan
Grandma Keto Kitchen Member

"This group and Kris Lowery have been a life changing experience for me. I have become stronger and looking forward to the new me! I support this group and will share it with everyone I can!!!🧡"

Lisa Mullins Keeton
Grandma Keto Kitchen Member

"Supportive, if I had to pick only one item it would be supportive. This group responds so quickly to and requests for help. Always give helpful tips. And NO negativity. The recipes are simple but delicious. All advice is given with love."

Bridget Harrell Miller
Grandma Keto Kitchen Member

"You’ve done such an amazing job Kris !!! I’m so inspired. Kris Lowrey even a veteran keto coach like me is sitting here blown away at how wonderful you do ❤️ I love it. I’ve been in some nasty negative keto groups and I so appreciate this group so much"

Nina Bersamina Marrufo
Grandma Keto Kitchen Member

"I joined just 3 short weeks ago! In less then a day I felt like part of the family!!! They welcome you with open arms and no judgements! If you have been looking for help, information, recipes and most of all encouragement look no further!!!!"

Anita Brannam
Grandma Keto Kitchen Member

"I joined this group and membership a little over 2 weeks ago. I was trying to do Keto on my own with the help and encouragement of my sisters. I was stressing over everything I was eating. This group and recipes and meal plan has explained a lot to me and I’m not stressing over It anymore and have enjoyed It so far and feel so much better. Kris has been a big help and is always there with advice and support along with everyone else. So glad I joined."

Patty Wood
Grandma Keto Kitchen Member

"I have been in this group a little over a month I have had so much encouragement it’s amazing. You can ask anything and you can always depend on kris as well as everyone else in the group to give answers and other ideas. Trust me I screwed up a couple of times which normally I would have said that’s it I’m done. Not with this group I put it out there and got encouragement and felt better about it, so onward I go. I really don’t think I could ever leave this group well I should I will never leave this group. It’s like family."

Brenda Firulli
Grandma Keto Kitchen Member

"Finally! A no drama, supportive and instructional keto program for a healthy clean keto lifestyle. I love this group and Kris Lowrey! This program will give you all the tools you need to succeed without spending a fortune on special foods and products. Kris’ plan is easy to follow with ingredients most already have in their kitchens! I have followed the meal plan while resetting my eating habits through simple fasting and have lost pounds and inches in just a short time. This is the best group by far! Kris has laid out an excellent plan for success imho."

Daphne Cannon
Grandma Keto Kitchen Member

A Sample Of A FEW Of Our Recipes

We offer hundreds of recipes. And, the best part? They are all carefully calculated so you can easily swap out foods you don't like for meals you will love!


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