About Us

Grandma Keto Kitchen provides Heart Healthy Keto Meal plans, recipes and general Keto information.  

Losing weight and getting healthier is our sole mission.  Once you reach your ideal weight and health, we then work with you on maintaining your accomplishments.

Living Life Well is more than just a dream.  It is a reality but it takes commitment.  However, that isn't the only thing that is required.  The knowledge of what to do and not to do is simple but not easy.

Grandma Keto Kitchen takes out all of the confusion and saves you a TON of time!

It takes hours and hours of research to find recipes that are low in carbs and Keto approved.  Then you make them and a lot of them aren't good.  We do all of that for you!

Plus, there is a science of what to eat and when to eat it.  See, our bodies adjust to new eating methods.  And, to keep losing weight takes some tricks and tips.  We also do that for you!

Once you have reached your goals, then what?  While you won't have to be as strict on what you eat or when you eat it, you can't go back to past eating patterns.  That will cause the weight to come right back and the health benefits you are enjoying will start to go back to how they were.

Our mission is to be your partner in your happiness.  Lose weight, gain health and live well!

Join us!  We are here to walk with you.  



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