Our Guarantee

Our guarantee is simple.

Physical Products:  

If you order a physical product from us, you may return it within 60 days for a full refund.  Ship to:  Grandma Keto Kitchen 96 Beach Ave, Edgerton, WI 53534.  Include your name (use you membership name so we can issue the refund correctly) and your contact information.  No questions asked.  We will issue you a refund.



Our monthly membership fees vary depending on the program you purchased.  You may cancel at any time.  If you cancel please do so 7 days prior to the next billing.  Failure to cancel in advance may mean a delay in your cancelation.  

If you only joined our 30 Day Challenge, is a one time fee.  There are no additional charges.  You may come back and use the material and group as often as you like.  There is no refund on this as there is a lifetime access to the materials and training. Our promise is that we will continue to help you as long as needed to reach your goals.  

If you joined on our 2 Week Risk Free Trial - you have 14 days to check out our program.  If you want to cancel, you can cancel it under "Setting" on the website or email us at:  [email protected] and we will refund your initial charge.  But, you must do so on or before the 14th day.  

After the two week trial, we do not issue refunds for the digital products.  Your monthly membership is based on digital information and the training in the group.  Therefore, this information was available to you to use as you wish and cannot be returned.  Therefore, no refunds on the monthly membership fees will be given. 

If you choose to return the physical book we mail you, we will refund you $30.  

 Having said the above, if you do not lose weight on our program, we will customize a meal plan that works for you.  We will keep working with you until you successfully lose weight.  

If you choose to cancel your membership, please cancel at least 1 week before your next membership fees are due to be correctly cancelled before the next billing cycle.  


You may contact us at:  [email protected] anytime with questions, comments or concerns.  


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