Instructions On Using Grandma Keto Kitchen

How To Locate and Use Grandma Keto Kitchen

There are several ways to locate your items within the Membership:

1)  My Meal Plans

Click on "My Meal Plans"

All of your products will show here.  Click on the one you are wanting to start with.


Scroll to the bottom of the page.  You will see numbers:  1 2 3  

Those represent page numbers.  There are different products and information on each of the pages.  Look around.  Find everything your membership has to offer!



2).  Your Account Settings

You can also access everything from the account settings.  See Grandma in the top right corner.  Click on Grandma and your information is there as well.  




3)  Get the App

We host this site on Kajabi and you can access everything from your phone on the app.  It is super easy!

Simply download the app.  Sign in with your Grandma Keto Kitchen login and password and access everything from your finger tips!





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